Video Tape Conversion

Welcome to our Video Conversion Service.

We convert VHS / S-VHS / VHS-C / S-VHS-C / Video 8 / Hi 8 / Digital 8 and Mini DV

We charge £12.99 per tape , which includes return postage.

Please select the format you want your video’s converted to:
Playable DVD
MP4 (on a DVD disk),
the quantity of videos you want converted and then select add to basket.

Once your order is complete you will receive a confirmation email which will include our address to send your  tapes to.

Please note that the actual resolution of any VHS tape is 335×576.  Nowhere can convert higher than this, but the software we use ensures the highest quality up-scaling available.

If your needs are more detailed or you have any questions then you can contact us by phone or  by email to discuss what you need done.


Phone: 07944-617-923